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Marin Yachting

Fields of Activity

  • Sailing training and long sailing programmes for both new beginners and experienced yardmen who wish to improve themselves
  • The opportunity for new beginners of sailing to have a sea vacation with friends and family while learning how to have a vacation with a sailing boat, in other words combining sailing and training with vacation.
  • To plan and organize Filotilla programmes for large groups.
  • To make Aegean Sea, Greek Islands, Trip and Filotilla programmes
  • Sailing Training on a Sailboat, Team Work to infuse team spirit for Corporate companies.
  • To plan training programmes for managers of Corporate Companies in accordance with the suggestions of our life coaches.
  • Boat Rental Services with or without Captain.
  • To provide port maintenance services for boats that have not been used for a long time.
  • Hikes and outdoor activities in nature.

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